Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a day at the zoo

Since Bernnie is on night shift, I decided to take the kids to the zoo in madison and we had a great time. This zoo is free and is the most beautiful & well kept zoo in WI. They have a new play area and a new baby giraffe. Did I take pics to post no. Sorry guys.
I have never seen Jack soooo quite in my life he was amazed by it all. He really like the lions.
In other news many prayers are need for these families in Wisconsin. My aunt is very lucky her house is still standing. I am so amazed by my family -in- law in a crisis they really pull together.
they were there sandbagging and pumping . I will try to post pictures later.
Everyone have a good day!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

here's my start

well here it is ... my life
I am the proud mother of a preschool graduate who right now wants to be a model.....sigh
fighting a terrible head cold and having a 10 month old who had now started crawling and getting into everything!!!!
I am very happy with all in my life 2 great kids and a wonderful husband -- but I truly miss my first two "kids" Bailey and tigger (Golden retriever,and lab mix) we just got a hand me down cat from my inlaws and Gabby (18 lbs of black and white tabby) is adjusting well to our lifehere at our house. She steers clear of the baby and loooovvveeeesss my husband and is a frequent cuddler with him-- he tolerates her well. My daughter is a great caregiver to the cat and is loving having her own pet--besides the frogs in our small pond.
I tried very hard to get the perfect pic of Mr. J.D. but am not destined to meet him but sure had fun watching the whole process; and meeting a few of the people from the public enemies columbus blog
We are eagerly awaiting the weddings of the upcoming year
my sis in law (in August )and my own sister (who is getting married in Florida in Oct)
we are working on our 4th and last house --paint is next --/completing at this moment /garden and beautiful brick patio which hubby slaved over for 1 1/2 wks.
well hope everyone is updated feel free to leave a post .